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Undergraduate (UG) & Graduate (G) Courses taught/currently teaching at UC Davis and Korea University (KU)

KECE 201/231 Engineering Mathematics 1 (KU UG)

KECE 202/232 Engineering Mathematics 2 (KU UG)

SEMI 101 Engineering Mathematics 1 (KU UG)

SEMI 102 Engineering Mathematics 2 (KU UG)

KECE 212 Physical Electronics (KU UG)

KECE 438 Introduction to Quantum Electronics (KU UG)

ECE 701 Micro and Nano Devices (KU G)

ECE 617 Instrumentation (KU G)

ECE 803 Technical Writing in English  (KU G)

E100 Electronic Circuits and Systems (UC Davis UG)


Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices

S.O. Kasap 3rd Edition

Text for KECE 212

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Dennis G. Zill and Warren S. Wright  5th Edition

Text for KECE 201/231 and 202/232

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

Gilbert Strang  4th Edition

Text for KECE 202/232

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