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Small Reactive Responsive Systems (SRRS): Miniaturized devices or systems are capable of

- generating physical, chemical or biological response/reactions.

- responding to external physical, chemical or biological stimulus.

Together with my collaborators, research associates and apprentices, we are constantly looking out for new means of achieving low cost miniaturization as well as functionality in cross-disciplinary applications via new materials, designs, circuitry, assays, protocols, fabrication techniques, devices and system level integration.


Our current research interests include electrical discharge based sensors, actuators and apparatus, environmental sensors and portable systems, biomedical devices, diagnostics and therapeutics, edible transducers and alternative energy storage.

Note: CGM research was performed at ArKal Medical Inc, Fremont, CA, USA (2005-2012). 


Electrical Discharge based Sensors, Actuators and Apparatus

Biomedical Devices, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Environmental Sensors and Portable Systems

Smart City Technologies

Water Sensing Duct Tape.png
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