Small Reactive Responsive Systems (SRRS): Miniaturized devices or systems are capable of

- generating physical, chemical or biological response/reactions.

- responding to external physical, chemical or biological stimulus.

Together with my collaborators, research associates and apprentices, we are constantly looking out for new means of achieving low cost miniaturization as well as functionality in cross-disciplinary applications via new materials, designs, circuitry, assays, protocols, fabrication techniques, devices and system level integration.


Our current research interests include electrical discharge based sensors, actuators and apparatus, environmental sensors and portable systems, biomedical devices, diagnostics and therapeutics, edible transducers and alternative energy storage.

Note: CGM research was performed at ArKal Medical Inc, Fremont, CA, USA (2005-2012). 


Electrical Discharge based Sensors, Actuators and Apparatus

MIRI Prototype XE-01
Microorganism-Ionizing Respirator. It uses corona ionizer to remove airborne bacteria instead of mechanical filtration.
Bioprecipitator with Liquid Anode
Airborne bacteria is captured with high efficiency by a micro corona based bio-precipitator. The bacteria is precipitated directly into the liquid anode which can be analyzed with NanoGene assay.
Corona Discharge Treatment of Water
Corona discharge is used to mitigate the inhibitory effects of Mg2+ on NanoGene assay.
Bacterial Lysis Chip (BLC)
Low cost and low power bacterial lysis chip enabled by built-in micro corona based ozone generator.
Airborne Particle Steering
Airborne particles are charged by micro corona ionizer and steered via electric field. It can be used for active airborne particles removal.
Micro Corona Active Sterilization
Micro corona ionizer is integrated with bandage for enhanced wound healing and sterilization.
Corona Charger and Electrodes
An integrated micro corona charge and steering electrodes. It can be used for filtration as well as airborne particles detection.
Corona Ionizer for Bacterial Lysis
A micro corona ionizer is packaged in a low cost format for bacterial lysis.
Micro Corona Anenometry
Micro corona discharge is employed for anenometry.It was able to measure very low flow velocities via drift mobility increment mode.
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Biomedical Devices, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Self Powered Insulin Pump
A self powered insulin pump that employs superabsorbent polymer as a source of stored energy.
Gummy Based based Gnathodynamometer
Gummy bear is used as a bite force sensor.
Dose Monitoring
Conductive PLA filament for dose monitoring in syringe-less wearable pump.
Dose Monitoring
Conductive PLA filament for dose monitoring in syringe-less wearable pump.
Clark Error Grid
The ArKal Medical CGM was able to track blood glucose accurately as shown in the Clark Error Grid.
Silicon Microneedles
Hollow silicon microneedles for accessing interstitial fluids in the skin's epidermal layer.
Silicon Microneedle
The sharp cutting edge of the silicon microneedle.
Si Microneedle based CGM
Schematic of the microneedles based CGM developed by ArKal Medical Inc, Fremont, CA.
Screen Printed CGM
The CGM clinical prototype developed by ArKal Medical Inc, Fremont, CA.
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Environmental Sensors and Portable Systems

PVC Microplastics Trapped in Chia Seeds
Chia seeds mucilage was able to efficiently trap PVC microplastics in water.
Ozonation enhancement of low cost dsDNA
Ozonation enhanced the cell membrane permeability of Gram negative bacteria to low cost dyes like SYBR Green I.
NERRA Analyzer for PAEs Detection
Circuitry within NERRA Analyzer
NERRA Analyzer for PAEs Detection
Non-equilibrium rapid replacement aptamer assay analyzer that is capable of detecting PAEs in 30 seconds.
Portable analyzer for DEHP detection
Gene level optical rapid in-situ analyzer (GLORIA) based on aptamer, magnetic bead and quantum dots for detection of DEHP.
Portable electrocoagulator for pre-concentration of cyanobacteria.
Portable electrocoagulator for pre-concentration of cyanobacteria.
Palm-size NanoAptamer Analyzer
Bisphenol A detection using palm-size NanoAptamer analyzer
Micro Airborne Particulate Analyzer
Micro Airborne Particulate Analyzer was developed to detect airborne particulates that are smaller than 100 nm.
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    Beelee Chua  2013 - 2021

    School of Electrical Engineering, Korea University

    145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul 02841, Korea

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Dose Monitoring

Conductive PLA filament for dose monitoring in syringe-less wearable pump.